CryptoDix - Майнинг игра


CryptoDix is a unique investment-mining project with the possibility of earning cryptocurrency Ethereum,after registration, the miner will start to mine ethereum all day, which can be displayed on your wallet.

Start earning

Our advantage

A unique development project, there are no restrictions on output, stable payments.

Built-in surfing

On our project, you can view ads and receive money that can be withdrawn to your wallet

Open statistics

Project statistics is always open and available for viewing by any user of the project

Regular contests

Every month we hold activity contests, which any project participant can take part in

Dedicated server

The project is hosted on a dedicated, secure server to ensure maximum availability

Mobile version

The site is accessible from any mobile device and will be scaled to Your screen resolution

Smooth marketing

Thanks to the smooth and thoughtful marketing CryptoDix promises to become a real centenarian


  • 19674 Users
  • 104 For days
  • 61 ETH Reserve
  • 19 ETH Payments
  • 66 Working days

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